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  • Tracking the Trajectory to Exascale and Beyond

    Date: 06/08/2015

    The future of high performance computing is now being defined both in how it will be achieved and in the ways in which it will impact diverse fields in science and technology, industry and commerce, and security and society. At this time there is great expectation but much uncertainty creating a climate of opportunity, challenge, and excitement. It is within this context of forging a future of computation in the crucible of innovation that we have been invited by HPCwire to host an ongoing series of informational articles tracking this trajectory to exascale computing and beyond. The answers are not yet established but the possibilities are currently emerging and the path or paths to be traversed towards these goals are only now coming into view.

    It will be our pleasure over the ensuing months to guide this series of news articles, editorials, interviews, discussions, and perhaps some debates to provide and stimulate an open forum of consideration and dialog within these virtual pages and broad readership. We hope you will join us on this voyage of exploration as we illuminate and explore the rapidly evolving field of exascale computing towards the new frontiers of capability and discovery.

    The full story is available at here.